I honestly tried calling this something other than “About”. It used to be called “Please Explain”, and then KRudd unceremoniously kicked Julia Gillard out of office, and now that mantra of hers just kinda makes me sad.

Look, I honestly totally hate these “Huh?” sections. Don’t get me wrong, I use them all the time when I’m on other blogs. I like knowing who’s writing what I’m reading. I like to know if their opinions are qualified or come from experience, or if their blog’s worth following, or whatever. But writing one for myself? Again: huh? But you’ve clicked, and you’ve read this far, so you deserve something. The short version is this:

1. Unlesss I’m writing about watching television or amassing a pile of books I swear to God I will one day read, I am quite probably unqualified.

2. Your ‘follows’ could be worse spent. Just bear in mind it’s a work-in-progress I’ll never finish.

The long version, if you really want it, is this:

In a past life I was an arts journalist (sidebar: I’m really too young to have a past life, it just feels like it was forever ago). I switched to the festival circuit, then worked in a theatre centre, then went back to the festival circuit for some full-on arts admin with the ever-so-glorious Perth International Arts Festival – the Perth Writers Festival program, specifically. I’m all about the arts, and pop culture, and whatever lies in-between. I love it. I don’t just think it’s important, I think it’s vital. I think it gives people a reason to get out of bed in the morning and appreciate life, and provides a lens through which to do both. And I think there’s nothing better than being one of those people who wants to create it, because it’s kinda the only thing they know how to do.

Because somewhere within all that, I write. I write across a lot of mediums, but have somehow fallen into this crazy-amazing thing called playwriting. So it’s theatre first, prose second, because I’m one of those tragics with the first draft of a manuscript stuffed in a digital drawer somewhere that I will one day, eventually, have the courage and motivation and time to edit and submit and get published and become rich and world-famous.

I made For The Record to get me used to the idea of people – any time, any place – being able to read what I write and having an opinion about it, good or bad, and then hopefully sharing that opinion so I might develop skin thicker and smoother than leather, and as non-stick as Teflon. Because I’m a writer, and writers need this thing called resilience or else they’ll die. The Record gets neglected, a lot. Sorry in advance. It has rules, too, but I reserve the right to not follow them.

THIS BLOG MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF: television, books, writing, theatre, arts, gaming, comics, pop culture, rants and/or ramblings, opinions, sarcasm, lists, interactions with my BFF/fellow blogger, photos and pithy post titles (ok, that last part’s a lie).

“Save me Lois”. Because I like to think Lois Lane was the real hero, not Clark Kent (sorry, Clark).

Thank you for reading. Truly.


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