Chuck Wendig’s Awesome Advice To Young Writers

If you don’t know Chuck Wendig yet, you should.

Not only does he dispense extremely nail-on-the-head-like, brutally honest, bullshit-free writing advice to all corners of the “penmonkey” (as he calls us writerfolk) galaxy, he also writes some pretty excellent fiction.

He blogs at Terrible Minds and his most recent post is so great I’m giving it a post of its own just to bring it to everybody’s attention. It’s called “Ten Things I’d Like To Say To Young Writers”.

If you don’t read it, you should at least read this:

“You will chase your voice like a dog chasing a car, but you’ll never catch it. Because you were your voice all along. You were never the dog. You were always the car.”


Now go click on that link right now.